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Our learning environment at the DeGroote School of Business fosters collective values of innovation, collaboration, and generosity. We strive to develop leaders who think big, try new things, act with integrity, and embrace the constant change that surrounds us.

The corporate world demands that leaders possess a range of essential skills. These include digital literacy, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership and social influence, resilience, and adaptability, as well as cultural competency. Mastering these skills will enable individuals to navigate technological advancements, solve complex problems, collaborate effectively, and thrive in a diverse and rapidly changing work environment.

At DeGroote, our experiential learning environment supports the development of these skills. Reflecting the growing importance of technology, creativity, and interpersonal communication in the workplace, as well as the need for individuals to be adaptable and resilient in the face of change.

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Student Success Highlights

Molson Cup - Hero
DeGroote Wins the John Molson MBA International Case CompetitionFour DeGroote MBA students, Tyler Boulanger, Ariel Gardner, Jechayni Khobalakrishnan and Sean Visser, travelled to Montreal to participate in the 41st edition of the John Molson MBA International Case Competition. After sweeping the competition, the team returned to DeGroote with the Concordia Cup.
JDCC 2023 - Hero
DeGroote wins JDCC School of the YearIn preparation for the 15th annual JDCC competition, DeGroote’s 45 delegates spent an impressive 700 hours practicing, volunteering, researching and meeting with professors and industry alumni to truly become the best they could be. Their hard work and dedication resulted in a DeGroote record of 11 JDCC trophies, including first place wins in Finance and Social categories, and the title of ‘School of the Year’.
CEWIL 2023
CEWIL Co-op Student of the Year NomineesHundreds of thousands of students take part in work integrated learning experiences across Canada. This year, we are proud to announce Grace Emmett (BCom Level V) received an Honourable Mention, CEWIL Student of the Year Award for her dedication to learning and growth. Sydney Van Sickle (MBA Candidate) and Helen Zhu (MBA Candidate) were both CEWIL Canada Student of the Year Award Nominees and MBA Finalists.
DeGroote Pitching in for Charity Gives to Woodland Cultural CentreAll teams were assigned a local charity and tasked with presenting an innovative pitch to win $5000. The winning team of Adrian Lee, Jessica Bensky, Aaron Hill, Emerson Amorim, Lekshmi Girish, Nalin Bhat, and Connor Beals represented the Woodland Cultural Centre.
Sports Image
Motionball builds awareness and raises funds for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. Our MBA Students team MBA students raised $10,000!
Congratulations to our winter 2023 student of the term
Anthony Foti was the recipient of the BMO Financial Group Winter 2023 Student of the Term.

DeGroote Students Are:

Our students are ready to collaborate with their teams and always come to the table prepared. They are trained to actively engage in discussion and share ideas on how to get work done. Students at DeGroote are taught to always be flexible and to constantly consider the benefits of an action item to the project, team and organization they are part of. Focusing on teamwork also means our students are taught to manage conflict constructively and help other team members complete their tasks as needed. 

Having the ability to focus on a central message that is clear and consistent throughout a project is integral to how we teach. Developing advanced communication skills is integrated into all levels of our curriculum. Our students can: 

  • Comfortably express their thoughts and actively participate in discussions while engaging with others
  • Comfortably use various communication methods to reach several diverse audiences  
  • Appropriately reference resource materials in documents to support data based arguments 
  • Use effective and professional language to express ideas to suit different audiences 
  • Engage in conversations by asking questions, actively listening and sharing 

Our students are held to a high work ethic standard and expected to display responsible behaviour and good judgement. Approaching work with a positive attitude and a commitment to ongoing learning & self-improvement is engrained in our students. At DeGroote, we know that success comes when we can accept responsibility for our actions, show respect for others’ rights and ideas, and have an inclusive approach to different beliefs, identities, values, and cultures. These are values our students embody proudly. 

DeGroote students excel in rigorous peer and faculty-based discussion and are continually exposed to a high level of thinking through classroom experiences that involve real-world problems and simulated work experience.

Employers Rank Our MBA Co-op Students Top 3 Competencies as:

Employers Rank Our BCom with Internship Students Top 3 Competencies as:

What Employers Say

Testimonial Icon

Erin Sarfi | MBA Co-op Student

“Erin always approaches tasks with a positive attitude and demonstrates the essential qualities expected of a DeGroote MBA student. She uses her critical thinking skills to develop thoughtful presentations and collate information. She has become an asset to our very lean strategy team and is able to support with the same caliber of skill as some of our seasoned team members.”

Trish Chatterpaul

Home and Community Care Support Services Central West

Testimonial Icon

Pawan Pannu | MBA Co-op Student

“Pawan is extremely hardworking, dedicated and adaptable. Her recognized efforts and contributions coupled with her collaborative and engaging approach reflect solid professional capabilities and significant additional potential. She has set a new standard for future Co-op students.”

Brad Samis


Testimonial Icon

Simran Chhatwal | BCom with Internship Student

“Execution of basic job tasks was flawless, as Simran has high attention to detail combined with self-checking practices. Already analytical, Simran further developed not only this strength, but learned to add her contribution in a quiet but confident manner amongst learning professionals senior to her in age and experience. Due to Simran’s capability, the organization made a place for Simran to continue employment.”

Steve Lord

L3 Harris Wescam

Testimonial Icon

Helen Zhu | MBA Co-op Student

“Helen is a lovely individual to work with and is positive, authentic, enthusiastic, and open minded. She is always happy to help and ready to contribute her opinion and debate for the most optimal proposed solution.”

Katerina Grintchak


Testimonial Icon

Grace Emmett | BCom with Internship Student

“Grace is a hard-working, detail-oriented and customer-focused individual. She joined the team during the pandemic and was able to build strong relationships within the first six months of her internship, which only accelerated when our team started working together in person again. She has a natural leadership capability and never hesitated to help new team members understand aspects of the business she learned in her short time with us.”

Lindsay Blow

Grant Thornton LLP

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