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The recruitment process is unique to each organization. DeGroote’s Career and Professional Development (CPD) team is committed to ensuring we connect you with the right candidate every time.

Recruitment Image Students in campus

Our Services Match Your Needs

Our services are complimentary and cater to your specific business requirements. The Career and Professional Development team is available to assist you throughout the talent-sourcing process and address any queries you may have.

We are excited to establish a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with you that contribute to the growth of our local, national, and global business communities.

Partnering with DeGroote

We provide comprehensive support for all your campus recruitment needs including, posting job opportunities , collecting applications, scheduling interviews, promoting your brand, and hosting employer information sessions. You can also attend our career night/fair to connect with potential candidates. To begin creating a successful campus recruitment strategy, you can book a strategy session with us.

Below are some student-employer networking event examples:

BCom with Internship Networking Night (in-person)

Hiring and networking event with valued employer partners in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce with Internship Program. Employers can share 12 to 16-month internship employment opportunities with students, make one on one connections and showcase their organization as an employer of choice.


MBA with Co-op Networking Night (in-person)

Hiring and networking event taking place at the start of every co-op cycle (September, May and January). Allows MBA with Co-op employers to share co-op opportunities with seeking students, make one-on-one connections and showcase their organization as an employer of choice.


Individual Employer Recruitment and Networking sessions (Information Session)

Exciting opportunities for undergraduates and master’s students to get an in-depth overview of an organization/division and network with specific team representatives. This can be virtual or in-person.


Corporate Tours

Work with our office to help you organize a corporate tour. A corporate tour is an excellent way to showcase your organization, space, business leaders, and experience the company culture.

A key component of how our students learn during their time at DeGroote is directly from organizations who partner with the school and bring their expertise to our campus. Students benefit from experiential learning, become more familiar with organizations in their community and your team gets to generate awareness for your brand and connect directly with our students. Below are some examples of how we can bring your brand to campus. 


Alumni Coffee Breaks

The coffee is on us! Open to all DeGroote Students but can be targeted by program, the coffee breaks are 1-hour in duration; virtual or in-person. Throughout the year, alumni are invited back to campus (or our virtual campus) to share your experiences with 5-10 business students over a coffee. Coffee breaks are one hour long and organized around your schedule. During these Q&A-focused meetings, alumni share their career journeys and career advice to support students in achieving their professional goals. 


Mock Interviews

This event provides you the opportunity to meet and network with DeGroote students and allows our students the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills with employers and DeGroote Alumni in a real world, small group setting. Feedback on the interview performance is provided on the spot to help prospective students in future interviews. Each year, both students and employers share outstanding feedback on the event. 


Industry Panels

A moderated panel with experts across various industries and different business areas focusing on sharing their experience and educating students on industry best practices, trends, and careers. 


Speed Networking

This is an exciting opportunity to engage with current DeGroote School of Business – McMaster University students and form meaningful connections in a group-based setting. During Speed Networking, two Alumni or Employer partners will be seated at a table with 4-5 students. Each group of students will be at the table for 10-15 minutes and will be prompted by the event host to rotate from table to table throughout the evening. The evening will be capped off with 30 minutes of traditional networking. 

The DeGroote School of Business offers several opportunities for students to get involved in real-world projects and challenges that you can be a part of. These opportunities include; the MBA Integrated Project, Co-curricular EL Challenges, BCom Capstone Course, 24-Hour Case Judging, and Industry Career Talks.


MBA Integrated Project (course code – BUS L626)

Level 1 Capstone Course, 3-weeks in duration 

April – all Level 1 FT MBA Students 

July – all Level 1 Co-op MBA Students 

During the last three weeks of their first year of studies, students are given a strategic company project that provides them the opportunity to apply their curricular learnings from the first half of their MBA. Projects are assigned to groups of 5 student consultants to solve a business challenge currently faced by the organization. 

Each group will work closely with the company partner to understand their challenges and provide recommendations on the problem/opportunity that they are facing. The final deliverable to the company partner is a 15-minute presentation with an accompanying detailed strategic report. 

Note: Multiple groups are assigned to each company partner. This course typically partners with 3-4 companies per term. 


Co-curricular EL – Challenges

Challenges are 3-4 weeks in duration. The objective of the challenge is for students to gain real-world experience by having them solve for a specific social, business, design or community related problem for an industry partner. At the end of the challenge students will be asked to present their solution to the industry partner.  

Students from all four of DeGroote’s programs (BCom, MBA, MFin and MSc in e-Health) will be invited to participate in groups of three to four. Maximum participation per challenge, six groups (24 students). 

The Challenge will give our industry partner access to teams of students that bring together diversity in thinking and backgrounds. Multiple solutions will be analyzed and presented to the employer to address their problem at hand. At the end of the challenge our partner will have real, executable ideas and recommendations that they can implement right away. 

Sharing industry insights – Industry Insights Series; corporate site visits 


BCom Capstone Course

Level 4 Capstone course, 13-weeks in duration 

September – December – approximately 300-400 BCom Level 4 students 

January – April – approximately 300-400 BCom Level 4 students 

This course aims to provide students with the opportunity to work collaboratively with peers (in groups of 5-6 students) to analyze real business problems and create innovative and holistic solutions by partnering with leading and progressive sectoral organizations. This unique partnership opportunity offered by this course serves to create opportunities for innovation and development as well as community engagement.  

Note: This is a multi-term commitment and multiple groups are assigned to each company partner. 


24-Hour Case Judging

All Level 1 BCom students  

Saturday in January   

What is the 24-Hour Case?  

For 24 hours our Level 1 BCom students are given a business case, which typically focuses on Financial Literacy. In groups of up to five students, they analyze the case, create a strategy, design a PowerPoint deck and deliver a presentation to an external judging panel. This experiential activity is a required curricular component of the COMMERCE 1GR0 course.   

The judges: alumni & employer partners  

Groups present to live judging panels made up of over 60 volunteer judges. The judges graciously dedicated their time to evaluating the presentations and providing written feedback to each of the more than 190 student groups (there are two judges for every 6-8 groups).   


Industry Career Talks

Open to all DeGroote Students 

1- hour in duration; virtual or in-person 

Hosted by the Career & Professional Development team, Industry Career talks aim to provide company partners, subject matter experts and industry leaders a platform to have engaging sessions with students, sharing insider information on careers and career pathways in their sector.  Enabling students to learn from their experiences, understand why they chose and remain in their industry and offering advice on successful networking and gaining connections. Completely customizable. 

Hiring Timelines

BCom with Internship Program Recruitment Cycle 2023 – 2024

  Classes Begin Tuesday, September 5
Phase 1


Job Postings Begin Thursday, October 5
Fall Break October 9 – 13
Internship Networking Night Tuesday, October 17
Earliest Job Closing Wednesday, October 18
Last Day to Post Wednesday, November 8
On-Campus Interview Period October 23 – November 17
Employer Rankings Due Sunday, November 19
Rankings to Students Tuesday, November 21
Student Rankings Due 9am Thursday, November 23
Rank / Match Results Friday, November 24
Phase 2
Job Postings Begin Friday, December 1
Exam Period* December 8 – 21
University Closure December 25 – 29
Classes Begin Monday, January 8
Interviews Begin Monday, January 8
Reading Week February 19 – 23
Exam Period* April 12 – 25
Phase 3
Job Postings Begin Monday, May 1
Interviews Begin Monday, May 6
Last Date to Post Friday, July 26
Internship Start Date Anytime between May 1 – September 1

MBA Co-op Program Recruitment Cycle 2023 – 2024


Summer 2024
Co-op job postings begin Friday January 5, 2024
Last day to interview Wednesday June 19, 2024
Earliest co-op start date Monday April 29, 2024
Latest co-op start date Monday June 24, 2024
Summer 2024 co-op work term May – August 2024
Fall 2024
Co-op job postings begin Friday May 10, 2024
Last day to interview Wednesday September 11, 2024
Earliest co-op start date Monday August 19, 2024
Latest co-op start date Monday, September 16 2024
Fall 2024 co-op work term September – December 2024

On-Campus Recruitment Cycle 2023 – 2024


Summer Availability
BCom, IBH, MBA FT, MBA Co-op, Mfin May – August 2024
New Grad Availability
MFin May 2024
MSc in eHealth May 2024
MBA FT May 2024
MBA co-op January 2024
BCom (Including BCom with Internship graduates) September 2023/May 2024
IBH (Including IBH with Internship graduates) September 2023/May 2024
GDPA August 2023

E-Health Program Recruitment Cycle 2023 – 2024


Phase 1 –  Job Postings Open early-December 2023
Phase 1 –  Job Postings Close January 31, 2024
Phase 1 –  Interview Period January – early-February 2024
Employer Rankings Due mid-February 2024
Rank/Match Results Posted Week following rankings submission deadline
Phase 2 – Job Postings Open late-February 2024
Earliest Start Date April 29, 2024
Internship Duration: 8 month May – December 2024


Funding Options

Speaking The Same Language

Understanding common higher education terms, as well as some DeGroote vernacular will assist in creating meaningful partnerships that help to align you with the right talent to meet your goals.

Engage in talent sourcing right on our campus.

This type of recruitment involves working with our CPD team to determine the most relevant on-campus recruitment strategy. It may involve participating in career fairs or hosting events, such as information sessions, to meet and forge relationships with students.

Work Integrated Learning is a form of curricular experiential education that occurs at program or at course level.

WIL formally integrates students’ academic studies with quality experiences in a workplace or practice setting. It is an engaged three-way partnership that, at minimum, involves an academic institution, a host organization, and a student. During WIL, students develop learning objectives and outcomes related to: employability, agency, knowledge and skill mobility, and lifelong learning.  

12 to 16-month full-time work-integrated learning experience, during which students earn academic credit.

Eight-month full-time work-integrated learning experience, during which students earn academic credit.

Full-time work-integrated learning experience during which students earn academic credit. Must be a minimum of 14-weeks in duration. 

Many of our programs include Internship or Co-op experiences that are paid opportunities. During these experiences, students are compensated by their host organization aligned with the applicable employment legislation 

Summer is considered to be the May-1 to August-31 time period.

Ongoing full-time employment targeting a particular graduating class.

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Whether it’s your first time recruiting at DeGroote or whether you have worked with us in the past, we can help. A strategy session will help us learn more about your recruitment goals, create an ideal candidate profile, and discuss available resources. Working together we will develop an engagement strategy to maximize your outcomes with DeGroote.

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